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Our partners are specialized in buying exclusive plots (land in lots) in Florida due to mortgage repossessions, bankruptcies / insolvency,
foreclosures / auctions, business resolutions or inheritances in a manner of "your low purchase price is your profit later".

Plots, offered by our partners, are completely (100%) self-owned. As the investor, you can find also the similar lot from internet brokers, but those are mostly not owners of the land in lots.

We understand that your benefit and interest are focused on save midterm investments, which is trustworthy consulted and "easy going" along with good margin. We consult you to invest at the best time and sell at the most profitable time. Any other requests, we will also be your contact window into a bright future.

Since the recent year prices start to rise steadily after the big "drop" a few years ago happened. Based on Joint Economic Committee and it's US Congress in May 2014, Home prices in Florida increased by 9.8 percent from the fourth quarter of 2012 to the fourth quarter of 2013 (the most recent quarter for which data are available). They are up 14.2 percent since their recent low in the second quarter of 2012 but remain 36.1 percent below their pre-housing-crash peak.

Now is the time to make your investment deal ! Don't hesitate to initiate the first contact without any obligations!
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