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Investment procedure

Our partner and we suggest, take a first look into OUR OFFERS and check which of the Lots would be interesting for you.

In the description of each Lot, you will find already certain basic information. Based on your choice(s) we will answer all your questions and discuss all necessary information you need for making decision.

After you decide the Lot of land you want to buy, we will contact our partner and initialize all necessary further steps. Please prepare the following documents to prove the identity: Legalized Passport copy.
  • First Step: our partner will prepare the American "Vacant-Land-Contract" and submit it to sign.
  • Second step: The Investor pays 10% of the purchase price in Advance to the account of the American owner of the property, because the seller has to pay for all closing costs and fees to the government in advance.
  • Third Step: After receiving your confidential treated personal data, clarification of the closing date and receipt of the down-payment.
  • The "Settlement Statement" will be issued accordingly by America's Title Corp. (notary), which is the official record to transfer the ownership of the Lot to the Investor.
The Investor shall prove, the Lot of interest will be bought with cash money (payment by bank-transfer). If the Investor is not able to buy the Lot with cash money and need outside capital, the Investor has the obligation of notification before signing the contract.

For your safety, the notary does a title search, to check the ownership of the property in advance and secures the whole purchase. Those costs are covered from the seller.

The seller carry the costs of a "Title Insurance", just in case of any mistake made by the "Title company" The "Title Company" issue the "Warranty Deed", which contains all details about the former ownership of the Lot (incl. closing date). The Title Company has to pay for mistakes!

The 2nd payment shall be done, after the Investor received the Copy / Scan of the "Settlement Statement" and received by the Seller latest at the agreed "closing date". The payment shall be transferred to the "Title Company" escrow account.

You need help to make the bank transactions? We also can consult you how to proceed with the bank and related forms to fill out the running costs / expenses (such as taxes and/or fees) are listed in the "Settlement Statement".

The "Closer" (authorized person) of the "Title Company" will arrange the "Closing" of the ownership transfer after reviewing again the "Settlement Statement" and issue the "Warranty Deed" as official certification along with the "closing date", if all payments and contracts have been finished properly.

The "public record" at the local & official Land registry will be done as well from the "Closer" after the transfer of the ownership is finished. Only after this last step, the seller can receive the 2nd payment which is a secured and common payment modalities.

After 2 – 4 weeks, the Investor and new owner of the Lot get unrestricted / unlimited rights of the Lot.